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Understanding the Different Styles of Docks

Do you ever cruise around the lake and wonder why someone chose one type of dock over another? Maybe their deciding factor was not merely a budget but also their shoreline. Maybe you’re in the market for a dock, and that’s why you’re on Dock-Monkeys.com. Here’s a quick overview of the most common types of docks.

Roll-in style docks are suitable for sandy, gradually sloping water depths. They are an easy dock to install and remove on your own. Roll-in docks do not work well in rocky areas and, when removed, cannot be placed on a steep bank. The roll-in style is also a relatively standard configuration that cannot be changed.

A dock that is great for different layouts is a sectional dock. The sections are available in typically eight-, ten- or twelve-foot lengths and come with cedar, plastic, or aluminum decking. Another advantage of a sectional dock is the offseason storage because it is stackable. Sectional docks are a good choice for steep banks or rocky shorelines, but they are not a suitable for soft or mucky bottoms. We recommend you leave the sectional work for the pros because a person must be in the water for installation and removal.

A floating dock lets the water level the dock. In fact, some floating docks can stay in the water year round! The floats are made of plastic, steel or aluminum. A floating dock is a good choice for extremely soft bottoms, deep water, or changing water levels because it will fluctuate. Stability is sometimes a concern for people walking on floating docks. Areas exposed to high winds or big waves may want to avoid floating docks because they could come unhinged or float to shore.

Piers can handle waves because they are a permanent structure. Permanent docks are also an excellent choice for soft bottom areas. Piers are costly to install, but customers save on yearly service fees. Permanent docks are common in harbors with boat lifts built into the structure.

Whatever your dock may be, you should be happy with it, and it should work for you. If you’re not happy, check out our dock listings or give us a call.

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